Money Matters 
Manifesting & Massive Action Bootcamp
Are you sick of seeing money come in and straight back out? 
Tired of the stress of paying the rent/mortgage, bills, birthdays and the dreaded Christmas?
Or may you just yearn to attend events, to travel, to get courses and workshops,
Heck you just want to feel FREE... 
Then you know,
Money Matters, A lot!! Time to receive... 
I totally get it, I was a single mother with 5 (now have 6) boys, I was on benefits, no career, very sick and just broke. 
One time pulling coins from a coin box to just get food on the table for the night,
To say I know how it feels is an understatement!!!
This is why I get to say with pride, THIS SHIT WORKS!!!

Imagine a life where...
...You are able to pay your bills, rent or mortgage on time.
....You find yourself in the perfect place and the perfect time, for the right clients to appear, the job oppertunities, the beautiful customers you love to work with.

...It's not a stress or worry anymore... You know and see how you are provided for and the money flows with so much ease, you can take the kids out, take yourself out for nice trips and experiences.

...You are feeling free to do what you love, FREE to live where you want, FREE to drive the car you want, FREE to travel, FREE to buy the courses and events you want, FREE to go on holidays with your family, FREE to dress how you want, FREE to eat the foods you want, FREE to live the life you want.

...You are finally opened up to the endless possibilities that are available to each and every one of us and you shift your butt into receiving mode. 

As a special you are getting over 50% off today!!!
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This is for you if...
You have felt for so long that there is just a block to money. Your sick of the up and down struggle and want to start allowing it in.. (You will see how you can start opening up yourself to allow the flow of money in. How you can release those blocks and do so with more ease than ever before. By using the energy activations and the focused action work you get results that are 10 times faster than before. Some even say 100 times faster)

You are sick of the in out phase, money coming in, yet quickly spending as fast and putting back out.  (You are going to build a love relationship with money, to love it so much that you are able to store money up and spend at the same time. Loving it so damn much that you become like a sexy money magnet...That good shit just flows right to you)

You have been stuck in the gut wrenching fear mode, scared to look at your bank account, scared of the mail coming through the door, fed up of seeing pings on the phone to do with money out out out!!! (It is all good... I'm going to teach you how you can gain control over all that B.S and feel free. Feel peace in your heart and mind, how you can have trust and faith which is one major role in recieveing. You will also be supported by the girls in the group, if you have worked with me before, you know I always say, that support is vital

You want to actually break down those damn barriers for the prosperity you heart and mind is yearning for!!! 

Who Am I???
Hi, My Name Is Bryanna Emma Black...
I am your Transformational Life & Business Enhancer, Energy Worker and Spirit Channeler.
I am also a mother of 6 boys, and also a pretty darn amazing woman...

I guide female entrepreneurs, biz goddesses and those aspiring to be, just like you, See your true power within and unleash it to live a life you love. Doing what you love and being prosperous in doing so. Living a life with freedom, joy and power.
I’ve always had a natural ability to guide and support others in advancing in their true passion-based businesses. I had been doing it for years, even while keeping myself stuck and hidden. Anyone who works with me would always make the shifts and allow prosperity to flow.
Some get results within weeks, achieving clients after years of no show's, doubling their income after just a months work, many gaining surprise cheques and gifts through the door and even one luck lady that was due to be homeless, landed a 6k job after working with me for a couple of weeks. Securing her home, and being able to boost her business so that she was back to earning consistently. 

It’s my passion in life to see others rise from the darkness to achieving freedom because I know the pain of that darkness. I had numerous failed relationships, left on my own with 6 children and so much low self-worth that really never advanced in my career, never thought I could have one. That all changed though… For years I struggled to achieve my dreams and passions because I felt unworthy, not good enough, allowing fear to hold me back.
I then learned the truth, and have dedicated my life to guiding others with this truth.
"Money Matters" Bootcamp
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Money Manifesting
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What's Included...
  • Your value packed Money Matters manual: Instant access and printable to do the work over 30 days
  • Access to video tutorials and audio: You will also gain access to all the video tutorials taking you through each step at a time. They are short, powerful and you will be able to squeeze them easily in to your busy schedule. You also get the audio so you can listen on the go. 
  •  Printable weekly action planners: Action is important, the right kind of action. This will also help you be clear and stay on track.
  • Sacred Activations: You will each get a recording of 10 Sacred Activations that will work for you!!! They will do the work in clearing the energetic blocks, program's and beliefs surrounding money. Value of $150
  •  Weekly Group Coaching Calls: You will also gain access to 4 lots of group coaching and guidance video calls, where you will gain either divine guidance or face to face one to one support. Access to calls are through the duration of your 4 week block. SUPPORT IS THE MOST VITAL PART IN YOU ACHIEVING THE SUCCESS DESIRED...THIS IS GOLD.
    Value of $997
Adding to that are these special bonuses….
Access to our private support group just for purchasers of the Money Matters Masterclass. Support is vital and this is where you will have this group to help you truly make those shifts.
Massive accountabilty, and lashings of LOVE.
Access to the Survival Guide for Female entrepreneurs and Biz Goddesses, packed with all natural ways to elevate your mood and shift from heart-ache to feeling joy. From feeling lack lustre to excitment and ready to live life with passion.
You will also get access to 5 super powerful Sacred Activations that will support you in a way like no other to shift the old and bring the new, AMPLIFIED.
See below for more information on which activations you will be getting.!!!
You will also get a 30 minute powered up call with myself to support you in making the shift to allow money to flow and do what you love in life. 
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Money matters
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